Nick Van den Bleeken

Nick Van den Bleeken

R&D Manager

Personal Profile

I'm currently Product Evangelist at Inventive Designers. I'm passionate about web, mobile, cloud computing, XML related technologies and document technology in general.

Since 2005 I'm part of the Forms WG at W3C. Currently I'm an editor of the XForms specification.

Work Experience

Research & Development Manager at Inventive Designers

Januari 2014 - Present

Responsible for new product design and development related to Scriptura, a document communication solution in the broadest sense. With the product you can design, create, deliver and manage your communications (print, e-mail, social media, mobile, push notifications, web, ...).

Product Evangelist

November 2007 - Januari 2014

As a product evangelist I’m helping our customers and product team to imagine the future of Scriptura Engage and more important inspiring them to help create that future. I do this by listening to our customers, building proof of concepts and being part of a team that builds new products and components.

Member of the XForms Working Group at W3C

September 2005 - Present

Representing Inventive Designers in the XForms Working Groups at W3C as an editor of the XForms specification.

Member of the Web Cryptography Working Group at W3C

February 2013 - Present

Representing Inventive Designers in the Web Cryptography Working Groups at W3C.

Member of the CSS Working Group at W3C

February 2013 - Present

Representing Inventive Designers in the CSS Working Groups at W3C.

R&D at Inventive Designers

December 2005 – November 2007

I worked as a researcher at Inventive Designers prototyping and describing new features for Scriptura.

System Programmer & Designer at Inventive Designers

July 2001 – December 2005

I was one of the key developers of DTM version 2. DTM is an XML-based System i (AS/400, iSeries) product from Inventive Designers that brings the power of Data/Text Merge to the world of e-business.

Key Skills

  • Mobile Development
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • XSL
  • XML
  • XForms
  • Java
  • Objective-C
  • Cloud computing
  • REST
  • Standards
  • Agile

Presentations and Papers

Seminar XForms Today - Standaardisatie van e-formulieren

November 2013

W3C Benelux

The number of shipped mobile devices today is stunning. Companies are aware of this trend as the Accenture did a mobility survey shows that 79% of the interviewed CIO’s believed that they need to invest in their mobile strategy because it will provide a significant source of new revenue. Today creating mobile apps requires a lot of programming. XForms can help you to dramatically reduce your time to market, creating rich mobile apps that fully function when the device is unable to connect to the internet.

See presentation

Devoxx 2013

November 2013

Many operations you like to perform on the web like authentication, sending secure messages and the signing of documents require cryptographic operations. W3C started an effort to standardise a secure API for performing these operations on the web. This work resulted in a Javascript Web Cryptography API which will be implemented by all major browsers soon, but is also applicable in other environments.

This talk will start by quickly explaining why a native Cryptography API is required, followed by an introduction to the Web Cryptography API by exploring some of its use cases using live code demos in various browsers.

See presentation and Web Cryptography Examples (source on github)

XML London 2013

June 2013

XForms 2.0 is the next huge step forward for XForms, making it an easy to use framework for creating powerful web applications. This paper will highlight the power of these new features, and show how they can be used to create real life web-applications. It will also discuss possible future features of XForms with a focus on reusable custom components.

See presentation or paper

Wash 2013 (co-author)

June 2013

This paper focusses on digitally signing documents as a specific use case for making secure hardware available to a web application.

See paper

XML Prague 2013

February 2013

Communicating with customers in the manner they prefer, with the information they find interesting, is getting ever more challenging with rise of mobile and social media. This paper will discuss how we have built a Personalized Multi-channel Communication Platform using open standards, what extensions to those standards were required and what challenges we faced creating the platform.

See presentation or paper


Universiteit Antwerpen

Master, Computer Science

I graduated from Antwerp University in 2001 with a master degree in Computer Science.